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svb tips review

svb tips review

Hell and welcome to my SVB tips review. SVB Tips is a horse racing tipster on the Tipstrr tipping network, there are thousands of tipsters there but this one caught my eye with its sheer consistency.

When looking at the profit loss records I could see only two losing months since January 2019 (we are now in Sep 2020), and that toa dvised stajes this tipster had made nearly £7000 profit from the selections advised.

Tipstrr records all of SVB tips selections and updates every day, there is no hiding away on Tipstrr if you have bad results so I just had to try this tipster out.

Easy To Join?

Very easy to join I simply registered with tipstrr for free and then searched SVB in the search box, his page came up I clicked subscription and signed up via Paypal (safe and secure).

Click this link to join SVB Tips and get 30 days trial for just £1

Once I had done that I was redicrected to the days tips, you can always find these under dashboard when logged in at Tipstrr.

There is also a Tipstrr app which alerts you when new selections are added which is very handy if your on the mvoe a lot and dont want to miss the tips.

The Results With SVB Tips

The proof is always in the pudding and so I decided to list the results below for you for the last 6 months.


As you can see it has been very impressive during my 6 months as a member (I joined in January 2020).

I have since made £1570.82 profit from advised stakes and one of the months was a small loss too.

Very consistent selections and highly profitable, I would certainly recommend trying the 30 day trial offer and seeing fro yourself.

Click this link to join SVB Tips and get 30 days trial for just £1

Below are some FAQ answers for you all.

When Are Selections Sent?

Selections are sent out every morning usually before 10am which gives you a good chance of getting the best price possible on selections.

What Betting Bank Do I Need?

Betting bank wise I would advise a minimum bank of £500 for this service.

Where are the profit loss records?

Click here to see full profit loss records for SVB Tips since its inception in Jan 2019


Overall for me SVB Tips is a good service and I have to give it 9/10, I would have given it 10 had we not had the small loss one month but no tipster is perfect.


Thanks for reading my SVB Tips review.

Author: Shawn Burton